Print Auction – Now on!!

All in the name of a great cause……

Boards Photo Book

PRINT AUCTION – Boards Photobook 2012

The 2012 Photo Book was launched on Saturday 1st December and contains the images submitted by the wonderful users of the Photography forum. Book can be purchased here for €36.69 – just enter the code Boards2012

This PRINT AUCTION is organised to raise additional funds for the Santa Strike Force – which was helped set up by Tom Murphy (DeVore) one of the founding members of The SSF are a really cool charity: in the run-up before Christmas, they start quietly collecting toys and when the big day comes, all the SSF elves help Santa to hand out presents to kids who are staying in not-so-nice places. Places likes hospitals and care-centres.


If you wish to bid on a print, please place your bid (minimum bid is €25 and includes postage and charity donation) in the comment below each photograph on

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